S. K. Gupta

Chairman M/S Envirotech Instruments Pvt Ltd

Shri S. K. Gupta is a Civil Engineer from IIT Kanpur. He has been working in the field of Environment for last 38 years. He pioneered the development of indigenous technology & instrumentation for monitoring air pollution & air quality in India way back in 1981-82. He setup Envirotech Instruments, a company to produce Indigenous Instruments which produced India’s first Stack Monitoring System and later Respirable Dust, PM2.5 & PM1 Samplers for monitoring ambient air. He also setup nearly 100 Real Time Monitoring Stations across India and made them work. Currently, he is working with IITD & IITM to develop indigenous sensors in India for monitoring PM2.5, CO & NO2 and with IIT Jodhpur to produce an Indigenous Odour Monitoring Device.

He has acquired rich experience in the field of Environment, by participating in several hundred monitoring assignments, EIA/EMP studies and design & fabrication of Pollution Control Devices. He is associated with Indian Association for Air Pollution Control since 1980 and currently is the Secretary of Delhi Chapter. He has played a key role in development of its activities. This chapter is now a body of 600 scientific personnel working in this field. He has also been instrumental in initiating “Hands on” Training programmes in India for the field personnel & has organized more than 100 short courses on Air Pollution monitoring & control. His initiatives and efforts has helped the country to develop indigenous capabilities for monitoring our air environment. The country has now its own instruments & several hundred competent & trained manpower.